Channel 4's Secret Millionaire


Earlier this year, Dawn went underground as Channel 4's Secret Millionaire

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"Inspiring, revitalising and transforming individuals and organizations  is at the heart of my philosophy. I thrive on change and make it a force for good."

Philanthropreneurs are people who bring an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy: interested in effecting positive changes in the world and alleviating suffering. They invest in people and strive for success.


“I consider myself an incredibly lucky person. I am in love, I have had a successful business career, been blessed with two beautiful daughters and I have a wonderful family, all of which I am incredibly grateful for.  However – not everyone is quite so lucky.  Over the last decade I have been on a journey that has led me as far afield as Nepal – working with orphans and homeless people in Asia, but also experiencing the poverty and despair that we have here on our streets in the UK.  The time has come for me to give something back and that is why the YIN Foundation is about to be formed .  Together with my life partner Lionel Cox we want to change the future of our world”  


Dawn Gibbins MBE ... since 14.6.14 Rev. Dr Dawn Cox  MBE, Co -Founder of the YIN foundation


We are champions of ethical entrepreneurship  we ignite balance and harmony in individuals and  organizations. 






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I have a wonderful team of people all striving to achieve a common goal of transforming the town of Congleton in Cheshire. Read more about how we are injecting some love and hugs into the North Wests ‘Beartown’…

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‘May the female force be with you’

I have been invited to several events to talk about women in business, my success and how my business strategy has become a personal journey…

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Are you just starting out? Or does your business need a wake-up call? In this section of my website I have written some helpful articles and life-lessons to inspire and educate people in business. You have to believe to achieve!...

Dawn Gibbins gives away 250,000 on Secret Millionaire


Multi-millionaire Dawn Gibbins went undercover in south west England, looking for people who may need her help, before returning home a changed woman.


During her time undercover, Dawn lives in one of the most deprived areas in the south west of England, with high levels of street crime, and where drug misuse is rife.


She looks for and is introduced to people that may need her help. She meets and is inspired by some of the people trying to tackle some of Bristol's biggest social problems.


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