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Earlier this year, Dawn went underground as Channel 4's Secret Millionaire

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The Secret Millionaire Changed My Life - Dawn returns to our screens January 11th 


Dawn returns to Bristol to see how her gifts have made a difference and to plan what happens next, and she wants her experiences to make an impact on her own family as well.

In October 2009 Dawn Gibbins spent a week living in inner-city Bristol as a Secret Millionaire. During her stay, she discovered a world she never knew existed and faced up to some of her biggest fears. The people she met inspired her so much, she gave away a quarter of a million pounds and completely changed her outlook. The experience has changed Dawn in ways she never could have predicted and sent her life into completely new directions.


Tuesday 11 January 2011 8:00pm,


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During her time undercover, Dawn lived in one of the most deprived areas in the south west of England, with high levels of street crime, and where drug misuse is rife. She looked for and was introduced to people that may have needed her help. She met and was inspired by some of the people trying to tackle some of Bristol's biggest social problems.


From volunteering on an outreach van with the One25 project, a charity that seeks to enable women who are abused and trapped in a life of street sex-work, to serving meals to those sleeping rough and battling addiction at the Wild Goose Café, she came across a world she never knew existed. And at the Teenage Parents Project in the south of Bristol, Dawn found inspiration in Deana Stone, a former teen mum who now offers support and guidance to young parents.


The experience shoced Dawn to the core and challenged her in ways she never could have imagined. At the end of her stay in Bristol, Dawn returned home a changed woman. But not before she transformed the lives of the people she met and gave away a quarter of a million pounds when she revealed that she's a Secret Millionaire.


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